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LeadFriend Affiliate Program

Thank you for considering to join our family here at LeadFriend. 

You're probably wondering a little bit about what we do exactly and how this can benefit you, we get it. And we value time, so let's jump straight into it.

Here at LeadFriend, we have spent months discovering the power of social media account management. We have assisted in the building of multiple 6 figure businesses. Account management is important in todays world, entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists, athletes, musicians...you get it, basically every one values this one very important part of life AND it's time. You see money is replenishable, but time is different. You can never get back time wasted and the founders of LeadFriend are here to help you, help others. 

We have set up a residual compenstation plan for you to build your business within LeadFriend, all we ask for is that you are driven, professional and ready to come hang with us at the top.

We'll See You Inside!

Commission structure

Title Commission form Commission Recurrence
Standard Fixed $15 Monthly
Trial basic Fixed $15 Monthly
Mvp Fixed $25 Monthly
Biz Fixed $45 Monthly
Vip Fixed $65 Monthly

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